Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Gingerbread House

This house was so much fun to make and now I've done it I hope I can keep up the tradition every year. I wanted to make something a bit more simple and understated than the usual bright candy covered creations that people make not that there's anything wrong with that but I am so pleased with how my little house turned out.

I made the template with cardboard then traced around it onto rolled gingerbread. Then it was baked and cooled and assembled with royal icing. I also made some window boxes with scraps of leftover gingerbread, very effective and not too fiddly. Toffee windows and a royal icing wreath and flowers, drizzle on some icing snow and a dust of icing sugar. Pine needles shaken of bugs look lovely around the house and I put a little battery pack with a light inside. I got my brother to wire it with a little switch and tucked it under the wall of the house so it can be turned on and off.

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