Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food Goals 2011

My food goals for this year

1. Learn about and cook food from:
- Sri Lanka
- Southern USA Fried Chicken
- Ethiopia Doro Wat

2. Learn to make:
- Kedgeree Complete
- Tapas Complete
- Popcorn crocodile
- Preserves
- Tamales

3. Buy these books
- The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz Complete
- The Cooks Companion by Stephanie Alexander

4. Cook with these ingredients
- Goroka - a Sri Lankan tart orange fruit used for souring
- Black lime
- Quinoa - I've had this in my cupboard for ages but haven't got around to making something with it yet
- Jamaica flower tea

5. Jump on the bandwagon and make macarons like every other blogger in cyberspace.

6. Blog about my favourite cocktails and put lots of photos up.

7. Make more cakes. Baking has never really been my thing and I've had a few baking disasters but this year I plan to bake cookies and cupcakes and lots of cutesy baked goods.

8. Make an over the top gingerbread house. Complete

I really will eat just about anything but over time there are foods that come and go as my favourites. The only food I've never been a big fan of is mushrooms. I will eat them but I haven't got past the smell of mum cooking mushrooms when I was a child. I don't know what she did to them but they really stank.

Some of the foods I'm loving at the moment are:

White bread - I usually prefer dark, heavy breads like rye but lately I've really gone onto soft white Turkish breads and crusty French loaves

Some of the foods that have faded into the background:

Lamb - my all time favourite meat but it's time for a change
Asian food - I really love Asian cuisine, Thai being one of my all time favourites along with Mexican and Moroccan but after ending up in hospital with a stomach flu after eating Japanese (not necessarily related) and a bad reaction to MSG after eating in a Chinese restaurant my poor tummy needs a break.

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